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In the flickering neon landscape of the digital realm, a singular beacon of innovation burns brightly: 3D Motion of the Week. Launched in the nascent days of 2022, it's a clandestine rendezvous point where the vanguard of 3D motion art collides with the burgeoning world of NFTs.

Here, time itself seems to bend to a captivating rhythm. Each week, with the methodical precision of a master clockmaker, a new masterpiece is unveiled. Not static canvases, but pulsating tapestries of 3D motion, meticulously crafted to mesmerize. Each a portal, beckoning you into a realm of dynamic beauty, where imagination takes flight and the boundaries of artistic expression dissolve.

Yet, 3D Motion of the Week transcends mere exhibition. It's an audacious act of democratization. These mesmerizing creations are minted as NFTs, transforming them from fleeting experiences into coveted possessions. Through esteemed platforms like,, and, you become a patron, a participant in this artistic renaissance. You collect not just a digital token, but a piece of the future, a testament to the visionary artist behind it.

Are you prepared to surrender to a world where motion reigns supreme? Where cutting-edge artistry ignites the senses? Embark on a visual odyssey at 3D Motion of the Week. Let each piece sing its silent symphony, ignite your imagination, and transport you to a place where technology and creativity exist in a state of exquisite harmony.

Benedicto "Budee" O. Mendoza (xreomus): A Visionary Artist Across the Digital Frontier


Budee's artistic journey began at the dawn of the millennium, a pioneer wielding the nascent tools of the digital age. His path led him through the captivating realm of digital art, where he honed his skills. Now, his focus has shifted to the ever-evolving world of visual effects and motion graphics, weaving narratives through captivating imagery and mesmerizing movement.

With the advent of NFTs and the metaverse, a new canvas emerged. Seizing this opportunity, Budee embarked on a mission to revisit his creative vault, meticulously bringing to light a collection of digital artworks from 2000 to 2009. These hidden gems, once entries for the prestigious IdN Club, a pioneering organization for Filipino digital artists affiliated with the influential IdN Magazine in Hong Kong, are now poised to find a new home in the burgeoning world of NFT collectors.

Budee's artistic prowess is no secret. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous accolades, including "Digital Print of the Month," "Digital Artist of the Month," and the coveted "Master Digital Artist of the Year." His talents have been recognized not only by the IdN Club but also in various local contests organized by esteemed institutions like the Art Association of the Philippines, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and the Manila Local Government.

Budee's story is a testament to the enduring power of artistic vision. His journey continues at 3D Motion of the Week, where his past and present converge to create a captivating exploration of motion and form.

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